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FCC Media Ownership Rule Changes Effective February 7, 2018; Comments Due March 9, 2018 on Proposals to Increase Broadcast Ownership Diversity

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The FCC’s Order on Reconsideration (Order) adopting sweeping changes to the media ownership rules has been published in the Federal Register. This establishes February 7, 2018 as the effective date for all but one of the rule changes adopted in the Order. As previously explained, the Order (i) eliminates the 42-year-old newspaper/broadcast cross-ownership rule; (ii)… Continue Reading

The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same… FCC Tweaks Broadcast Ownership Rules in 2014 Quadrennial Review Order

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On August 25, 2016, the FCC released the text of a Second Report & Order that concludes both its 2010 and 2014 “quadrennial review” proceedings (the “2016 Order”). The Commission is required by statute to review its rules governing the ownership of broadcast radio and television stations every four years to determine whether they “are… Continue Reading

FCC Chairman Wheeler Circulates Proposed Media Ownership Rules

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FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has circulated to his fellow Commissioners a proposed final rule in the 2010/2014 Quadrennial Media Ownership proceeding.  Based on an FCC fact sheet summarizing Chairman Wheeler’s proposal, the new rules would largely keep the existing media ownership regulations in place.  Although the proposed changes are few, some could be significant to… Continue Reading

Broadcasters’ Media Ownership Challenge Heading Back to Third Circuit

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Broadcasters challenging the FCC’s 2010 quadrennial media ownership order (or lack thereof) are now facing their third time presenting arguments before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.  Just over a week before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit was scheduled to hear oral arguments in the case known as… Continue Reading

FCC Establishes Comment Deadlines for 2014 Quadrennial Ownership Review

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Update: The FCC has extended the deadlines for submitting media ownership comments.  Comments and reply comments are now due on August 6 and September 8, respectively. The FCC has published its Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on media ownership in the Federal Register, triggering the comment deadlines in that proceeding.  Comments are due by July 7, 2014 and… Continue Reading

FCC Releases Report and Order on TV JSA Attribution and Ownership Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

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On April 15, 2014, the FCC released the text of its Report and Order making certain television joint sales agreements (JSAs) attributable under the FCC’s media ownership rules and its Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking regarding that simultaneously initiates the 2014 Quadrennial Review of its media ownership rules and seeks to resolve the still-pending 2010 Quadrennial Review… Continue Reading

Wiley’s Word: Media Ownership Review – First, Do No Harm

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Based on my experience as Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, and as a long-time Washington D.C. communications lawyer, I know something about media ownership regulations.  It was under my stewardship that, in 1975, the agency adopted rules prohibiting the common ownership of a newspaper and radio or television stations in the same market –… Continue Reading