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FAA Grounding Commercial UAS on Websites, YouTube

Posted in Broadcast Technology, Online Video
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has recently stepped up enforcement efforts against Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) operators engaged in unauthorized “commercial” operations. The FAA’s current regulatory scheme permits hobby and recreational use of UAS but requires commercial UAS users to receive FAA authorization before beginning operations. Two recent regional office enforcement actions against UAS hobbyists… Continue Reading

Closed Captioning, Emergency Information Requirements Among Numerous Upcoming FCC Deadlines

Posted in Broadcast Regulation, MVPD Regulation, Online Video
Broadcasters and MVPDs face numerous FCC deadlines in the upcoming weeks and months related to accessibility and the CALM Act.  Below, we briefly discuss each deadline and then provide a summary table. Closed Captioning Quality:  On March 16, 2015, new rules regulating the quality of closed captions under four non-technical standards — (1) accuracy, (2)… Continue Reading

FCC Orders Clarify Closed Captioning Waiver Standard

Posted in Broadcast Regulation, MVPD Regulation, Online Video
Two decisions released last week shed light on how the FCC will review petitions for exemption from the closed captioning rules under the “economically burdensome” standard. The Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau granted Gerald Bryant TV, Inc., producer of the music show JBTV, a “temporary exemption” of two years from captioning.  In 2012, Bryant operated… Continue Reading

FCC Adds IP Captioning Obligations to Video Clips

Posted in Broadcast Regulation, Broadcast Technology, MVPD Regulation, Online Video
Update (7/14):  The FCC released the text of the Second Order on Reconsideration and Second Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Monday. — The FCC adopted an Order today at its Open Meeting which expands the agency’s IP captioning rules to online video clips, subject to some important carve-outs that will be addressed in a Further Notice… Continue Reading

Enhanced ENT Compliance Deadline Set for June 2014

Posted in Broadcast Regulation, MVPD Regulation, Online Video
Newsrooms of small and medium broadcasters will have until June 30, 2014 to come into compliance with the Commission’s new Electronic Newsroom Technique (ENT) closed captioning rules.  Stations other than the four major national broadcast networks and their affiliates in the Top 25 DMAs may use ENT to caption live programming.   Publication in today’s Federal… Continue Reading

Deadlines Set for Closed Captioning Comments

Posted in Broadcast Regulation, MVPD Regulation, Online Video
Should the compliance burden for television closed captioning shift to video programmers rather than broadcasters and MVPDs?  The FCC has put this question and several others on the table as part of its Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (FNPRM) on closed captioning published in the Federal Register today.  The FCC issued the FNPRM on February… Continue Reading

Aereo Internet Television Service Shut Down in Tenth Circuit

Posted in Copyright, MVPD Regulation, Online Video
A Utah district court has issued an injunction halting Aereo’s operations in the Tenth Circuit until the U.S. Supreme Court tackles the copyright infringement issue later this spring in ABC v. Aereo.  The court also denied Aereo’s motion to transfer the case to a New York court, where it was successful in defeating the plaintiff… Continue Reading

CNN Wins Latest Round in Video Captioning Dispute, But More to Come

Posted in Broadcast Regulation, First Amendment, Online Video, Program Content
Yesterday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit noted CNN’s “protected right to report the news” in reversing a lower court decision that allowed a lawsuit involving CNN’s decision not to caption certain online video to move forward.  While the court acknowledged the import of preserving CNN’s ability to make independent editorial decisions… Continue Reading

New IP Captioning Benchmark on Horizon

Posted in Broadcast Regulation, Online Video
The next wave of IP Captioning benchmarks begins next month for a limited universe of video programming.  After March 30, 2014, what is known as “archival programming” must be captioned online within 45 days of airing on television with captions. Archival programming refers to online programming that was already in a video programming distributor or… Continue Reading

Does NimbleTV Represent the Next Frontier in the Battle Over Digital Rights or the Solution?

Posted in Copyright, MVPD Regulation, Online Video
It looks like an online video distributor (OVD), it feels like an OVD, but is it an OVD?  That is the question that many observers are asking about NimbleTV, a new service that launched this month in the New York area.  NimbleTV is a cloud-based service that allows cable and satellite subscribers to view content… Continue Reading

FCC Seeks Comment on Closed Captioning for Online Video Clips

Posted in Broadcast Regulation, Online Video, Program Content
The FCC has issued a Public Notice seeking updated information on the quantity, quality, and availability of closed captioning for online video clips.  The IP captioning rules, issued less than two years ago, apply only to full-length programming and exempt video clips, defined as “excerpts of full-length programming,” unless in the aggregate they constitute all,… Continue Reading