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Risk Still Hovers Over Use of Drones for Newsgathering

Posted in Broadcast Technology, Privacy
In last night’s 60 Minutes piece, Drones Over America, Morley Safer aptly described the “drone show” as “part sci-fi, part video extravaganza, and part old-fashioned sales pitch, reflecting the steady movement of the technology from military to civilian use.”  Viewers saw breathtaking pictures of Niagara Falls, Greenwich Village, Times Square, and surfers in Hawaii.  I… Continue Reading

Drones for Commercial Use—Not Yet Legally Off the Ground

Posted in Broadcast Regulation, Broadcast Technology, First Amendment, Privacy, Spectrum
Drones are making headlines.  Following the story of the off-duty Connecticut television station photographer who has now filed a federal lawsuit against the Harford police alleging civil rights violations because they stopped him from using his drone at the scene of a fatal car accident, I’m reflecting.  Back to the days when I was advocating… Continue Reading

Wiley’s Word: Whither a New DTV Standard?

Posted in Broadcast Regulation, Broadcast Technology
Along with many others, I spent some nine years working on the development of the nation’s digital television standard, one which notably made HDTV and standard definition multi-casting possible.  Nevertheless, I personally am pleased to witness serious technical work now underway on a new standard that could deliver Ultra-HD or “4K” video (with a picture… Continue Reading