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Wiley’s Word: Media Ownership Review – First, Do No Harm

Posted in Broadcast Attribution, Broadcast Regulation

Based on my experience as Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, and as a long-time Washington D.C. communications lawyer, I know something about media ownership regulations.  It was under my stewardship that, in 1975, the agency adopted rules prohibiting the common ownership of a newspaper and radio or television stations in the same market –… Continue Reading

Wiley’s Word: Whither a New DTV Standard?

Posted in Broadcast Regulation, Broadcast Technology

Along with many others, I spent some nine years working on the development of the nation’s digital television standard, one which notably made HDTV and standard definition multi-casting possible.  Nevertheless, I personally am pleased to witness serious technical work now underway on a new standard that could deliver Ultra-HD or “4K” video (with a picture… Continue Reading