FCCFederal Communications Commission (FCC or Commission) Chairman Ajit Pai is proposing some of the most dramatic changes to the Commission’s media ownership rules in decades. At its November 16 Open Meeting, the agency will consider an Order on Reconsideration that would: (i) eliminate the 42-year-old newspaper/broadcast cross-ownership rule; (ii) eliminate the radio/television cross-ownership rule; (iii) loosen the existing rules governing the ownership of local television stations (including attribution of joint sales agreements); and (iv) initiate a proceeding to establish an incubator program to facilitate the entry of new and diverse voices in the broadcast industry. If adopted, the Order on Reconsideration will represent a substantial departure from the Commission’s Second Report and Order in the 2010/2014 Quadrennial Ownership Review, which largely left the FCC’s existing rules intact.  The draft Order on Reconsideration can be found here.

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