Effective November 13, 2017, NCE stations must comply with the recordkeeping requirements established by the new rule that allows them to conduct limited on-air fundraising activities that interrupt regular programming to benefit third-party non-profit organizations. Specifically, non-CPB NCE stations that conduct third-party fundraising must place in their public files, on a quarterly basis, the following information for each third-party fundraising program: the date, time, and duration of the fundraiser; the type of fundraising activity; the name of the non-profit organization benefitted by the fundraiser; a brief description of the specific cause or project, if any, supported by the fundraiser; and, to the extent that the NCE station participated in tallying or receiving any funds for the non-profit group, an approximation of the total funds raised.

These requirements were announced in April when the FCC adopted a Report and Order (which we wrote about here) relaxing its rule prohibiting NCE stations from conducting fundraising activities that substantially alter or suspend regular programming and that are designed to benefit an entity other than the station itself. Before going into effect, however, the new recordkeeping requirements needed approval by the Office of Management and Budget pursuant to the Paperwork Reduction Act. The Federal Register recently announced that this approval has been received and that the new recordkeeping requirements will go into effect on November 13.

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