The next wave of IP Captioning benchmarks begins next month for a limited universe of video programming.  After March 30, 2014, what is known as “archival programming” must be captioned online within 45 days of airing on television with captions.

Archival programming refers to online programming that was already in a video programming distributor or owner’s online library before it was required to have IP captions.  As an example, VPD XYZ made Episode 1 of the new, full-length sitcom “Wiley’s World” available on September 28, 2012.  The IP Captioning benchmark for prerecorded programming not edited for Internet distribution was September 30, 2012, meaning that Wiley’s World Episode 1 was not required to have captions, even if VPD aired the television debut of Wiley’s World after the benchmark, say in October 2012.  With the new archival benchmark, if a rerun of Wiley’s World Episode 1 airs on April 1, 2014, the VPD will have to caption the online version of Wiley’s World within 45 days.

Notably, the window to caption archival content shrinks to 30 days in March 2015 and 15 days in March 2016.

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