The FCC has issued a Public Notice seeking updated information on the quantity, quality, and availability of closed captioning for online video clips.  The IP captioning rules, issued less than two years ago, apply only to full-length programming and exempt video clips, defined as “excerpts of full-length programming,” unless in the aggregate they constitute all, or substantially all, of the program.

The Public Notice follows from a June 2013 Order on Reconsideration and FNPRM, where the Commission deferred a consumer group request to reconsider the video clip exemption.  There, the FCC stated that it “expect[ed]” video programming distributors to “voluntarily . . . caption an increased volume of video clips, particularly news clips, even though the Commission’s IP closed captioning requirements apply to full-length programming and not video clips.”

The Public Notice asks for information on the percentage of IP-delivered video clips that contain closed captioning and whether there is an upward trend in this area.  It also asks “whether, as a legal and/or policy mater, the Commission should require captioning of IP-delivered video clips,” including the costs, benefits, and technical ramifications of such a requirement.

Comments are due January 27, 2014, and reply comments are due February 26, 2014.

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