If you publish a mobile app for consumers, you should be aware that for the past year a diverse group of stakeholders have, under the auspices of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, been developing a code of conduct for “short notice” disclosures of important privacy practices.  That process is now moving to testing and, if that goes well, implementation. 

Implementing the short notices called for by the code of conduct is completely voluntary.  However, if your company publishes a consumer mobile app, you should be aware of the code for at least two reasons.  First, you may want to consider whether to use it in your apps.  Second, if you outsource app coding to app developers, you may find that developers are starting to use the code in writing your apps.  

For more information about the code of conduct, please see http://www.wileyrein.com/publications.cfm?sp=articles&id=9019.


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