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So Your Station Submitted a Successful Incentive Auction Bid, Now What?

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Now that television stations can openly discuss the results of their participation in the Incentive Auction, it is an appropriate time for all television stations to assess their market position and think about what comes next.  In this space, we will discuss how stations with various auction outcomes should approach their post-auction transaction.  Today, we… Continue Reading

FCC Invites Broadcasters to Test Repack Reimbursement System

Posted in Broadcast Regulation
The FCC is providing broadcasters with an opportunity to test and provide feedback on the Incentive Auction Broadcaster Relocation Reimbursement System, which is the online form that the Commission will use to collect requests for reimbursement of repacking expenses (technically known as FCC Form 2100, Schedule 399). Beginning on October 4, 2016, broadcasters can access a test… Continue Reading

FCC to Reimburse Repacking Expenses Incurred Before Auction Close — But With a Catch

Posted in Broadcast Regulation, Broadcast Technology
The FCC has some good news for broadcasters that want to get a jump on the repacking process.  In a Declaratory Ruling issued today, the Commission announced that “costs reasonably incurred” by broadcasters prior to the close of the Incentive Auction and the issuance of the Channel Reassignment Public Notice may be eligible for reimbursement… Continue Reading

The Incentive Auction Report and Order Is Coming: What Broadcasters Need to Know

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On Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission will vote to adopt a Report and Order in the broadcast spectrum incentive auction proceeding.  The Report and Order will establish the framework for the incentive auction and the subsequent repacking of television stations.  Although some details of the Report and Order were still unresolved last week, when the… Continue Reading

The Auction Block: Options for Broadcasters in the TV Incentive Auction

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This is the first part in a multi-part series about what the forthcoming incentive auction of broadcast spectrum means for broadcasters. In one of the first major pronouncements of his Chairmanship, new FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler blogged that the incentive auction of broadcast spectrum will be delayed – from 2014 to mid-2015.  Most observers commended… Continue Reading