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A Regulatory Play-By-Play Of Intel’s Super Bowl Drone Show

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Originally posted on WileyConnect, the Internet of Things Blog by Wiley Rein LLP. It’s time to answer the most important question on everyone’s mind after Super Bowl LI: what type of regulatory approvals and deviations were required to enable Intel’s massive display of 300 choreographed unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) that kicked off Lady Gaga’s Super… Continue Reading

Commission Releases Circulation Version of ATSC 3.0 NPRM

Posted in Broadcast Regulation, Broadcast Technology
On February 2, 2017, the Federal Communications Commission released the proposed text of a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (Circulation NPRM) in the Next Gen TV (a/k/a ATSC 3.0) proceeding in which the agency proposes to authorize television broadcasters to use the Next Gen TV transmission standard on a voluntary, market-driven basis, while continuing to deliver… Continue Reading

Join Us for Destination Repack: A Multi Industry Roadmap

Posted in Broadcast Regulation, Broadcast Technology, Spectrum
On October 19, 2016, Wiley Rein’s Telecom, Media & Technology Practice will be partnering with The Association of Federal Communications Consulting Engineers (AFCCE) to host an educational program on the challenges faced by broadcasters post the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Spectrum Auction. Join us to discuss approaches to the post-auction repacking process, including: ◾Repack 101: Defining… Continue Reading

Reminder: EAS-Related Registration and Filing Deadline

Posted in Broadcast Regulation, Broadcast Technology
On Friday, the FCC’s Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau issued a Public Notice reminding EAS Participants of mandatory filing deadlines related to an up-coming nationwide EAS test.  Specifically, EAS Participants must register with the EAS Test Reporting System (ETRS) and file Form One on or before August 26, 2016.  EAS Participants have until September… Continue Reading

FCC to Reimburse Repacking Expenses Incurred Before Auction Close — But With a Catch

Posted in Broadcast Regulation, Broadcast Technology
The FCC has some good news for broadcasters that want to get a jump on the repacking process.  In a Declaratory Ruling issued today, the Commission announced that “costs reasonably incurred” by broadcasters prior to the close of the Incentive Auction and the issuance of the Channel Reassignment Public Notice may be eligible for reimbursement… Continue Reading

Five Things Television Broadcasters Should Know About ATSC 3.0

Posted in Broadcast Regulation, Broadcast Technology
UPDATE (4/27/16):  The FCC has solicited comments on the Petition for Rulemaking.  Comments are due by May 26, 2016 and reply comments are due by June 27, 2016. There is a lot of buzz in the broadcast industry about ATSC 3.0.  Yesterday, a coalition of groups representing broadcasters and equipment manufacturers took an important step… Continue Reading

Proposed Changes to Emergency Alert System Could Impose New Burdens on Broadcasters, MVPDs, and Wireless Providers

Posted in Broadcast Regulation, Broadcast Technology
On March 24, 2016, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC or Commission) published in the Federal Register a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) seeking comment on a number of proposed changes to the infrastructure and rules supporting the Emergency Alert System (EAS) and the Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA).  Although many of the proposed changes relate to… Continue Reading

FCC Creates New Opportunities for AM Stations to Obtain FM Translators; Seeks Comment on Additional Revitalization Proposals

Posted in Broadcast Regulation, Broadcast Technology
On October 23, 2015, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC or Commission) adopted its long-awaited First Report and Order, Further Notice of Proposed Rule Making (FNPRM), and Notice of Inquiry (NOI) in the AM revitalization proceeding. Most notably, the Report and Order provides two opportunities for AM broadcasters to obtain FM translators—first through a modification window… Continue Reading

FAA Grounding Commercial UAS on Websites, YouTube

Posted in Broadcast Technology, Online Video
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has recently stepped up enforcement efforts against Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) operators engaged in unauthorized “commercial” operations. The FAA’s current regulatory scheme permits hobby and recreational use of UAS but requires commercial UAS users to receive FAA authorization before beginning operations. Two recent regional office enforcement actions against UAS hobbyists… Continue Reading

FCC Warns of Possible Stored EAS Alert; Seeks Comment on EAS Procedures and Security

Posted in Broadcast Regulation, Broadcast Technology
The FCC is warning participants in the Emergency Alert System (EAS) to check their equipment to make sure it does not have a queued alert—scheduled for broadcast this weekend.  In one of two EAS-related Public Notices, the Commission’s Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau cautioned that an EAN alert that recently was transmitted as part… Continue Reading

FCC Announces New Wireless Microphone Proceeding

Posted in Broadcast Regulation, Broadcast Technology, Spectrum
The FCC announced today a new rulemaking proceeding designed to address the long-term needs of wireless microphone users.  The new NPRM comes on the heels of the Incentive Auction Order, where the Commission decided to eliminate the current two reserved channels for wireless microphones.  In a news release, the FCC acknowledges that “following the incentive… Continue Reading

FCC Seeks Comment on Draft TV Broadcaster Relocation Fund Reimbursement Form

Posted in Broadcast Regulation, Broadcast Technology, Spectrum
The FCC’s Media Bureau issued a Public Notice today seeking comment on a draft TV Broadcaster Relocation Fund Reimbursement Form (“Reimbursement Form”), which broadcasters and MVPDs will use to submit information necessary to get reimbursed for their expenses incurred during the post-auction repacking process.  Comments on the Reimbursement Form are due October 27, 2014. Congress allocated… Continue Reading

UAS Takes Flight for Film Companies

Posted in Broadcast Technology, First Amendment, Privacy
Today, the Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) granted exemptions for six aerial photo and video production companies working in the movie and television industries to operate commercial unmanned aircraft systems (“UAS”) under specific conditions.  Under the current law, civil operation of UAS in U.S. airspace is banned unless the FAA grants an exemption under Section 333… Continue Reading

What to Expect From President Obama’s Executive Order on “Drone” Privacy

Posted in Broadcast Regulation, Broadcast Technology, First Amendment, Privacy
Last week, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor suggested Americans should be more concerned about their privacy being invaded by the spread of drones, stating that “frightening” changes in surveillance technology should encourage citizens to take a more active role in the privacy debate.  She said she’s particularly troubled by the potential for commercial and… Continue Reading

Geo-fenced in: Magistrate recommends tossing Internet streaming case

Posted in Broadcast Technology, Music Licensing
A magistrate judge has recommended that the district court dismiss for lack of subject-matter jurisdiction a declaratory judgment complaint concerning Internet streaming royalties.   In WTGD 105.1 FM v. SoundExchange, Inc., a group of radio broadcast stations in Harrisonburg, Virginia sought to establish that when Internet streams of the stations’ broadcasts are restricted to 150 miles… Continue Reading

FCC Adds IP Captioning Obligations to Video Clips

Posted in Broadcast Regulation, Broadcast Technology, MVPD Regulation, Online Video
Update (7/14):  The FCC released the text of the Second Order on Reconsideration and Second Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Monday. — The FCC adopted an Order today at its Open Meeting which expands the agency’s IP captioning rules to online video clips, subject to some important carve-outs that will be addressed in a Further Notice… Continue Reading

Virginia Radio Stations Seek Judgment to Avoid Internet Streaming Royalties

Posted in Broadcast Technology, Music Licensing
Radio stations streamed over the Internet that restrict their audience to a 150-mile radius through geo-fencing should not have to pay copyright royalties to SoundExchange, according to a Declaratory Judgment Complaint filed Wednesday in the United States District Court for the Western District of Virginia. SoundExchange collects and distributes royalties to copyright owners under the… Continue Reading

FCC Seeks Comment on Repacking Timeline and Expenses

Posted in Broadcast Regulation, Broadcast Technology, Spectrum
If hundreds of television stations had to modify their facilities and change their broadcast channels at roughly the same time, how long would it take and how much would it cost?  The FCC wants to know, and it is seeking input from broadcasters and other stakeholders to find out. On March 20, 2014, the FCC’s… Continue Reading

Risk Still Hovers Over Use of Drones for Newsgathering

Posted in Broadcast Technology, Privacy
In last night’s 60 Minutes piece, Drones Over America, Morley Safer aptly described the “drone show” as “part sci-fi, part video extravaganza, and part old-fashioned sales pitch, reflecting the steady movement of the technology from military to civilian use.”  Viewers saw breathtaking pictures of Niagara Falls, Greenwich Village, Times Square, and surfers in Hawaii.  I… Continue Reading

Drones for Commercial Use—Not Yet Legally Off the Ground

Posted in Broadcast Regulation, Broadcast Technology, First Amendment, Privacy, Spectrum
Drones are making headlines.  Following the story of the off-duty Connecticut television station photographer who has now filed a federal lawsuit against the Harford police alleging civil rights violations because they stopped him from using his drone at the scene of a fatal car accident, I’m reflecting.  Back to the days when I was advocating… Continue Reading

Wiley’s Word: Whither a New DTV Standard?

Posted in Broadcast Regulation, Broadcast Technology
Along with many others, I spent some nine years working on the development of the nation’s digital television standard, one which notably made HDTV and standard definition multi-casting possible.  Nevertheless, I personally am pleased to witness serious technical work now underway on a new standard that could deliver Ultra-HD or “4K” video (with a picture… Continue Reading